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Love is in the Air with E.M.I.L.Y

Love is in the Air with E.M.I.L.Y

In collaboration with project creator Waren Gonzaga. Hello there, I’ve been really busy, it been a while since my last post. This project comes with full kit in our shop! What is E.M.I.L.Y?

Electronic Matrix — I Love You (also known as Project E.M.I.L.Y) is an Arduino Nano Atmega328 based electronic project for valentine’s day as a simple gift for your loved one. This project can be powered up from 3v to 5v using the input voltage source available on Arduino circuit board. I prefer to use the Vin pin for this project which is on the PIN 30. Your display will be 8×8 LED Matrix (without driver) then 8 resistors to protect your display from excessive current. This project is originally from old valentine Arduino Uno R3 project with 8×8 LED project showing animated heart. I improve the code and make it on Arduino Nano because I am thinking of a portable valentine’s gift project with Arduino Nano to discover the hidden powers of an Arduino Nano.

Below is a project collaboration with Waren Gonzaga titled Project E.M.I.L.Y.

You can visit this project here:

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