10mm 4PIN T-Type LED Strip Connectors


“T” Shape  For RGB Strips:

  • Open the cover and insert  5050 RGB led strips
  • Connecting point: 4 pins rgb led strip light
  • With this connector, No need soldering anymore!
  • Material: PVC
  • Working temp:. -40 To 70 Deg
  • Connecting 3 x 10mm SMD 5050 RGB LED Strip
  • Only For for RGB LED Strip Non-waterproof. (10mm width pcb for 5050 )
  • From RGB Strip to Strip

For Single Color LED Strips:

  • 2PIN connectors
  • PCB width: 8mm / 10mm (8mm is for 3528/3014/2835 led strip lights, 10mm is for 5050/5630/5730 led strip lights.
  • For Single color led strip to strip

Package Included:

1 x 10mm 4PIN T-Type LED Strip Connectors

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