20W Glue Gun


Power: 20W
Suitable glue stick: 7mm small glue sticks


  • Compact and practical, very suitable for home use. The strip is inserted from the glue gun to glue the tail of three minutes will be able to melt,
  • Tap the trigger that is able to melt extrusion.
  • The glue gun with high-tech ceramic PTC
  • Quality heating element, warming fast, long life
  • Independent of voltage fluctuation limit between 100V ~ 240V can be used normally
  • Safety design to prevent overheating, the built-in safety fuse
  • Insulation Electric Strength 3750 / minute, without breakdown


  • This gun for the high-temperature glue gun, with a diameter of 6.8 to 7.3 mm of tape,
  • Working melt glue gun nozzle and melted glue high temperature, do not touch the body
  • Because this is the use of high-temperature glue gun PTC heating element, if a long time do not fight gum, turn off the power, so as not to cause melting down plastic tape back,
  • The damage glue gun
  • This tool is not in use must be placed on its stand.

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