2GT 20T H-Type Pulley



  • H-type synchronous pulley wheel.
  • Each of the two sides with wheels were mounted bearings.
  • Adopting high quality Aluminum Alloy material,anti-Rust and Anti-corrosion effectively.sturdy and durable.
  • Smooth transmission, buffering, shock absorption, low noise.
  • Accurate transmission, no slippage during operation, constant transmission ratio.
  • Widely used in milling machine, gear shaper, drilling machine, CNC engine lathe, hobbing machine or other machinery transmission occasions


  • Type : H-type synchronous pulley wheel
  • Model number : 2GT
  • Pitch : 2mm
  • Teeth number : 20
  • Width : 6mm
  • Material : Aluminum alloy
  • Color: silver

Package included:
1 pc x 2GT 20T H-Type Pulley