ESP8266 Relay Board



This WIFI relay based on AI-Thinker ESP-01S WIFI module. It is designed for smart home, Internet of thing and other project. With this smart relay, you will easy to your smart switch to control any device by your phone anywhere.
Product parameters:

  • Product size: 37 * 25mm
  • Operating voltage: DC5V
  • Communication: WIFI (ESP8266 module)
  • Transmission distance: the transmission distance of 400m (open environment, mobile phone equipped with WIFI module)
  • Load: 10A/250VAC 10A/30VDC, the relay pull 100,000 times


  • Power it by 5v
  • Open your phone WLAN then connect the WiFi ESP8266-XXXX, Power word:12345678
  • Open the ESP8266 ( Installed it in your android phone before)
  • IP Address: than you can control your device via the wifi relay module

Package included:
1 x ESP-01S Relay Module(ESP-01S Not included)