Micro Limit Switch



  • Micro Switch; Actuator Action: Momentary
  • Actuator Type: Hinge Lever
  • Contact Configuration: 1NO,1NC(SPDT)
  • Excellent touch switches,long service life. Life expectancy:More than 500000(Life expectancy at switch testing machine for a continuous period of work,operating at frequencies below 60 times per mimute,the working conditions:DC 40V,50mA.)
  • Pin-type package with plastic to prevent infiltration of welding pine fragrance.
  • Environmental Condition of utilization: Temperature -25~65℃;Relative humidity:below 85%
  • Rate Voltage: 125V 250V AC
  • Rated Current:5A.
  • Used in home appliances, audio, toys, mouse, business machines, communication equipment and other electronic equipment.

Package Included:

1 x Micro Limit Switch