NRF24L01P+PA+LNA Wireless RF Transceiver Module



  • The professional design of the digital chip NRF24L01+, has increased thehigh-power PA and LNA chip, rf switch, bandpass filter and so on, toform a professional full two-way rf power amplifier, which greatlyexpands the effective communication distance.
  • In the rf part, it hasdone a lot of optimization and matching debugging, so as to achieve thehighest transmission efficiency and the lowest harmonic.
  • NRF24L01P+PA+LNA wireless module has the lowest rf interference to the externalequipment, and it is also not easy to be interfered by other devices,which is greatly improve High job stability.
  • NRF24L01P+PA+LNA wireless module integration is very high, the size is only 41mm*15.5mm, easy to embed
  • Appliedfor wireless peripherals, remote control systems such as RC vehiclesand consumer remote electronics, wireless voice transmission such asVoIP, wireless sensor networks, wireless networks, home and commercial automation


Product size: 41×15.5mm / 1.61×0.61 inch
Current: 115mA
Control Range: 1100m
Product Material: acrylic
Frequence: 2.4GHz~2.5GHz
Operating Voltage: 3 ~ 3.6V Max
Multi-frequency: 125 frequency

Package Included:

1 Piece Wireless Module
1 Piece Antenna

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