PICKit 2 Debug Express



  • PICkit 2 Development Programmer / Debugger
  • 44-pin demo board with PIC16F887 Midrange PIC microcontroller
  • The PIC16F887 can be debugged directly without any additional hardware.
  • A series of 12 Lessons on assembly programming that cover I / O, A / D converters, timers, interrupts, and data tables (All source code files are provided)
  • A Debugging Tutorial on using the PICkit 2 as a debugger with the MPLAB IDE ( Ch. 4 of the PICkit 2 User’s Guide)
  • Getting Started in C tutorial on developing and debugging in C with a FREE CCS PCM ™ Midrange C Compiler Demo * for PIC16F887 (contained in the PICkit 2 CD) * 2kWord Program Limit.
  • Getting Started in C tutorial on developing and debugging in C with a FREE HI-TECH PICC ™ LITE C Compiler with MPLAB IDE
  • FREE! Microchip’s MPLAB IDE software for a complete code development environment
  • Easy to use Windows® programming interface for programming Microchip’s Flash family of microcontrollers
  • UART Tool software for direct serial communications with a microcontroller RX / TX pins through the PICkit 2.
  • Logic Tool software for simple logic signal stimulus and monitoring, with a 3-channel logic analyzer.
  • PICkit 2 Programmer-To-Go support for programming devices without a PC.
  • PICkit 2 User’s Guide (included on CD ROM)
  • The above items are also available for download from the bottom of the webpage.
  • User’s Guide (with lessons) for the included Demo Board
  • Selected Application Notes and Datasheets
  • Code Examples in assembly and C
  • A FREE version of the CCS PCB ™ C Compiler for Baseline PIC MCUs (contained on the MPLAB CD). The PIC MCU devices included with the kits are Midrange or PIC18 devices and thus not supported by this Baseline compiler.
  • USB interface cable

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