Single Color LED Controller with Dynamic Modes



Universal single color mini LED dimmer can dim any 5~24V DC LED product from 10%-100% using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) circuit push button control from stepped intensity adjustment. 5 dynamic flashing modes with adjustable speeds. Maximum load is 5 Amps – holding Speed/Bright button turns LEDs ON/OFF. Retains last setting when power is cycled. Attached 4″ power input and controller output wire leads. Suitable for vehicles


Amps:5.00 Amps
Amps Per Channel:5 Amps/CH
Channels:1 Channel
Connection Type:Pigtail
Dim Control:Touch Control
Remote Control:In-line
Special Features:Strobe and Fade
Standards And Certifications:RoHS Compliant
Type:Dimmers/In-line Dimmer/Single Color Dimmer
Package Weight: 0.4oz
Package Included:
1 x Single Color LED Controller with Dynamic Modes