Soil Moisture Humidity Sensor


The soil moisture sensor can be used to detect moisture, when the soil is dry, the sensor output analog value will decrease, and vice versa will increase. Using this sensor make an automatic watering device, when you are not at home or over a long period of time watering, it can sense whether your plant is thirsty. Prevent the plants from getting excessive amount of water with the Arduino controller to make your plants more comfortable, the garden is more intelligent. The sensor surface made of metal processing, can extend its life. Insert it into the soil, and then read it using the Analog to Digital converter.


  • Supply voltage: 3.3V or 5V
  • Operating current: less than 20mA
  • Output voltage :0-2.3 V [2.3V is completely immersed in water voltage value], 5V power supply (the greater the humidity, the greater the output voltage).
  • Sensor Type: Analog Output
  • Module size: 20X60mm

Package Included:

1 x Soil Moisture Humidity Sensor