USB Multifunction Tester


Power display current and voltage, a single short press the button for about 0.5 seconds to view the capacity and timing screens. When displayed on the screen press capacity around button for two seconds to clear the stored data. When the display screen at the timing of the long press button for two seconds will be flashing numbers, and then press a single button for 0.5 seconds each time the cumulative 0.5 hours per block long press 2 seconds to confirm the save. To not adjusted to the timing of the timer function 0 hours (0 hours is normally open) phone is fully charged to automatically turn off the output. No load 20 seconds automatically shut down output. Current exceeds 3A will automatically shut down when the output voltage is higher than 22V. Close current output window displays OFF. Single short press the button for about 0.5 seconds to activate the output.


  • Accuracy: ± 1%5 The test: voltage, current, discharge flow
  • Voltage: input / output voltage 4~30V
  • Current: input/output current: 0~3A
  • Accuracy: plus or minus 1%
  • Input:USB 2.0 Micro USB
  • Output:USB 2.0

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1 x USB Multifunction Tester

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