USB TO TTL Serial UART STC Downloader



  • The main chip is CP2102. After installing the driver, a virtual serial port is generated.
  • USB power, the output interface includes 3.3V (<40mA), 5V, GND, TX, RX, the signal pin level is 3.3V, positive logic
  • On-board status indicator, transceiver indicator, the status indicator will be on after the driver is properly installed, the transceiver indicator will flash when communicating, the higher the baud rate, the lower the brightness
  • Support baud rate from 300bps ~ 1Mbps
  • Communication format support:
    • 1) 5,6,7,8-bit data bits;
    • 2) support 1,1.5,2 stop bits;
    • 3)odd,even,mark,space,none check
  • Support operating system: windows vista / xp / server 2003 / 200, Mac OS-X / OS-9, Linux
  • USB head is male, can be directly connected to the computer USB port
  • The chip components are produced by SMT process, the quality is stable

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1 x USB TO TTL Serial UART STC Downloader

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