Wemos D1 Mini WiFi Module ESP WROOM 02 Motherboard Integrated ESP8266 with 18650 Battery Slot Compatible with NodeMCU


The development board integrates the ESP8266 18650 battery. A standard 3000mah 18650 battery can run for 17 hours or more.This product can be called “WiFi battery”


  • Compatible with nodemcu.
  • 18650 charging system integration.
  • LED indicator (green for full, red for charging) can be used while charging.
  • Switch control power supply.
  • SMT connector available for sleep mode
  • Additional LED Programmable (gpio16)
  • 0.5a charge current
  • 1A output
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • 10 digital pin read / write / interrupt / PWM / I2C / line support (except D0)
  • The analog input should be careful “+ -“.
  • Packaged without battery. ,please note: If the positive and negative direction of the battery is placed incorrectly, the charging chip will be damaged.

Packaging not include battery. Need to prepare by the user.

Package Included:
1 x Wemos D1 Mini WiFi Module with 18650 battery slot

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