WS8201 5V 32 LED 5050 RGB SMD (1 meter)


  • Not your average RGB LED strip! Not only are these fully waterproofed, but each LED is also independently addressable, opening up entirely new lighting possibilities. Each LED is powered by a WS2801 IC.
  • Each end of the strip has 4 wire leads leading to a JST-SM connector, female for input and male for output.
  • If you do not require connection to another string you can cut off the male output connector and use it to connect to the female connector. Connectors can also be removed completely if not necessary for your application–there is plenty of wire lead to allow for a direct-solder connection.
  • For you Arduino users we highly recommend the open-source fastspi library as jumping point for your own code.
  • The WS2801 employs a 2-wire serial data connection, similar to SPI or I2C. ICs are chained together which means whole strings can be controlled using just 2 pins on your microcontroller.
  • Data is clocked in starting with the MSB of the red gray scale data and ending with the LSB of the blue gray scale data.

Package included:

1m x WS8201 5V 32 LED 5050 RGB SMD

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