4-Channel Remote Control Switch



The wireless switch controls electrical appliances, such as heaters, ventilation, air conditioning, pumps, barriers, lighting, the multi-channel electric doors and windows, ordinary electronic interlock, switch, electric garage door, windows, hoists, industrial automation and control, all kinds of anti-theft alarm, security and other areas and display devices via radio.

Wireless control, easy to install. With the learn button you can simply delete or learn the code. One or more transmitters can simultaneously control one or more receivers. If you use two or more receivers in the same place, you can set them with different codes.

You could turn on / off the receiver with transmitter (remote) from any location within a reliable distance. The wireless radio signals can pass through walls, floors and doors

Reliable control:

The transmitter (Encoding) and the receiver (decoding) use an 8-bit code. and range: Max. range in free field: 200m (maximum range of the sensor / signal under optimal conditions, or in the open field / with free line of sight.) With antenna, it can increase the range.

Relay output:

The receiver is relay output. It can be used for control DC and AC devices. The clamps are NO / NC (normally open / normally closed)

Working temperature: -20’C- + 70’C
> Maximum operating current: 10A
Working frequency: 433MHz
Working Voltage Range of Relays: AC110 ~ 240V or DC0 ~ 28V (Relay Output Can Control DC and AC Devices)
Antenna: with internal antenna
Sensitivity: ≥-107dBm
Coding type: learning code

About control modes
Momentary: press the button is ON. loosen your finger is OFF
Toggle: press one button for one time is ON. press the same button again is OFF
Latched: press one button is ON , press another button is OFF.

Set Control mode
Toggle: 1 Connect ON, 2 Connect ON
Momentary: 1 or 2 is not connected.
Latch: 1 Connect ON, 2 disconnect.
Toggle + Latch: 1 disconnect, 2 connect ON

To learn
1. Press the learn button of the receiver until the LED indicator lights up, the receiver remains in the status of learning. 2. Then you can press any button. If the LED flashes 6 times, it means that the learning is successful.

Delete code
If you lose your remote, you can also delete code.
Press the button on the receiver until the LED light flashes slowly, then release the button, then LED light remains slowly flashing. It means that all stored codes have been deleted successfully.

Package Included:

1X receiver
1X remote control with battery of range 200M

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