L298N Driver Module New Version



  • driver chip: L298N dual H-bridge driver chip 
  • drive section terminal supply area VMS: +5V ~ +35V
  • drive section peak current Io: 2A / Bridge
  • logical part of the terminal supply area Vss :4.5-5.5V
  • logical part of the operating current range: 0 ~ 36mA
  • Control signal input voltage range: 4.5-5.5V is high level, 0V is low level
  • Maximum power consumption: 20W
  • Storage temperature: -25C ~ +130C
  • Driver Board Size: 55mm*60mm*30mm
  •  Other functions: control direction indicator, power indicator, current sensing, logic portion plate to take power interface.
Package Included:
1x L298N DC Motor Driver Module

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