L9110S DC Stepper Motor Driver H-Bridge


A very compact dual channel H-bridge motor driver module. The module incorporates two L9110S H-bridge driver IC’s to allow either one stepper or two DC motors to be independently controlled. The module can accept a supply voltage between 2.5 to 12V allowing for motors within this supply range to be controlled safely from a standard microcontroller. Maximum drive current is 800mA. 0.1″ pitch header pins allow for direct connection to a microcontoller such as an Arduino requiring just two digital pins per DC motor for control in both directions. Screw terminal blocks provide convenient connection to the motors(s).


  • Dual L9110S chipset motor driver
  • Input voltage: 2.5V~12V
  • Current: 800mA
  • Can drive two DC motors, and a 4-wire 2-phase stepper motor

Package Included:

1 x L9110S DC Stepper Motor Driver H-Bridge

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