Raspberry Pi Prototype HAT Shield



  • Design your own extended version, highly customizable circuit to dress up your personal PI 2, A+, B+ with 0.1inch (2.54mm) prototype solder hole connection chip, resistor, LED, potentiometer and so on.
  • All the holes, imitating the connection of the familiar breadboard, are very convenient to use.
  • There are also long electric strips for +3V, +5V and ground connection.
  • It comes with a printed circuit board and a 2 x 20 gold plated motherboard mounted on top of your raspberry pie , this version does not come with an EEPROM, so you No need to worry about EEPROM address conflicts.
  • You can use the standard 2 x 20 row mother. This HAT Shields is only compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+ or PI2!
  • It won’t support Raspberry Pi A and Raspberry Pi B. Can add ID: EEPROM


  • Size: 66 x 56mm/ 2.6 x 2.2inch

Package Included:

1 x HAT Shield
1 x 2*20 pin Female Header
4 x Screw
4 x Screw nut
4 x Pillars


The Raspberry Pi module is not included.

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