433/315 MHz RF Wireless Transmitter + Receiver Module Kit




  • Operating Voltage: DC 3.5-12V
  • Size: 19mm x 19mm
  • AM transfer rate: 4KB / S
  • Transmitting Power: 10mW
  • Amplitude Modulation: ASK or OOK
  • Launch Distance: 20-200 Metres (dependent on supply voltage)
  • Transfer Rate: <10Kbps
  • > Emission frequency: 433M


  • Voltage: 5VDC
  • Current: 4mA
  • Frequency: 433mZ
  • Size: 30mm x 14mm x 7mm
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -103DBm

These modules are used for projects when you need to communicate wirelessly between 2 devices. It is possible to increase the range by adding a small length of cable which the device will use as an aerial

Package Included: 
1 x Receiver module
1 x Transmitter module

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